Seek Ye First The Kingdom of God

Look to the Lord and His strength; seek his face always    Psalm 105:4

That was one of the devotional scriptures I read on January 2nd.

God is so amazing!

Another new year. Another new chance to expand and grow; to learn and reach.

Last year I wrote about choosing a single word as a theme for the year; rather than a long resolution.

The word I chose for 2014 was Trust.
Uh boy.

It meant walking through some big fat difficulties in order to learn to trust in the Lord. And though I did learn to trust him and He worked it out for good; it was largely an experience I didn’t want to repeat.

And so recently I had begun my search for 2015’s word. I prayed to God and said I’m afraid to choose my own word because I don’t want any trouble…..which I am often heard to say.

I asked Him to show me what my word would be for the new year instead of the other way around.

A few days later on a quiet drive out to the beach I was pondering what the word might be and fell into that mode where your expectation inflates and edges out most all your other cares until the calm anticipation becomes the focus and anything is possible.

I walked the breach that spans the bay and then headed for the ocean. I chided myself for spending an inordinate amount of the time gleaning the sand for beach glass instead of admiring His handiwork of ocean and sky.

I’ve learned time and again the Lord often leaves us treasures in the sand when we look to Him.

There were piles of stones at the water’s edge and I headed straight for them. I was turned away by a low quick tide that threatened my boots. When the second wave rushed in before the first could ebb I knew in my heart the Lord had something better for me. I even said it out loud.

I turned my back to the sea and took another path.

I took ten steps away from the water saw this glorious aquamarine piece of beach glass standing upright in the sand. It was huge. And right in the path beach combers had been walking for hours.treasure

I picked it up and praised God. And I mulled over what the glass meant in context with the knowledge that he has something greater for me. A better path, If I look to Him. If I search Him.

The same expectation filled me as I drove to church the next day. I thought my word would be to look for God. To search for him; to seek him.

I sat down at my place in church and read the bulletin. The word “seek” in the quote on the back of the bulletin leaped out at me.

The quote read:

“Look not back on yesterday, So full of failure and regret. Look ahead and seek God’s way

All sin confessed you must forget” –Dennis DeHaan

Then came came the sermon. Our Pastor began with the destruction of Jerusalem and rounded to this point– “Seek The Lord”

There it was- His word.


Funny how Pastor even said, as he explained important ways to seek the Lord, that we “could even look at the notes” as he had not planned to speak about seeking the Lord.

Every fiber of my being was smiling!

He said we need to read scripture everyday, study scripture with others, share in fellowship with others in the body and pray.

And looking back at what I wrote at the beginning of 2014, the word seek is in the scripture too:

The LORD is my portion, saith my soul; therefore will I hope in him. The LORD is good unto them that wait for him, to the soul that seeketh him.   Lam 3:24-25

It came full circle and I’m so thrilled that God honored my request. Happy New Year!

Father God,

I thank you that you hear our prayers. Help me to seek you first in all I do each day of this new year. Help me to pause and look to you for guidance, and grace in all things. I pray that others would seek you and find that you are only a genuine plea away.

I’m so grateful to you Father God.


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