Go and Get Your Own Box

Thanks be to God for his unspeakable gift.  2 Cor 9:15 

When it is quiet and you can lay all the pieces of your life down in front of you, what do you see?

In church during praise time this morning I saw in my heart a set of gift wrapped boxes. They were all set in a row before me from greatest to smallest.

lightboxThe first and greatest gift box was so immense that I couldn’t see the entire thing. The box could not contain the light that was bursting out from it. All the boxes so neatly lined up beside it could barely be discerned in the shadow of this huge box overflowing with glory.

I knew that box represented God’s place in my life, radiant and holy, overwhelming with mercy and grace constantly pouring out to me. His light spilled over onto the next beautifully wrapped box, my place as wife to a man who has delivered love to me everyday. I am so very grateful that he is in my life.

The next gift box contains my role as mother to beautiful, intelligent, strong and confident children with big hearts and strong ties to one another. It’s almost too much to comprehend that I’ve been blessed with such good children to count on in my life.

After that each wondrous box in succession revealed the precious gifts God has bestowed on me. My role as In-law,  my role as Grandmother.  My role as friend and neighbor. I learn so much each time I step into these roles from those God has placed in my life.

Each subsequent box opens to a joy that I have only God to thank for. Member of my beloved church family. Pet owner to endearing creatures who regale me with joy and laughter. Writer, gardener, knitter, avid reader, cook, craft-maker, and so on all the way to chief floor and bottle washer and lastly employee.

tinyboxIn my heart I saw that smallest box in the row. This box smaller than the nail of my pinkie toe was the at the end of the row, with it’s own shadow and the barest sliver of light shone on it. I contains the problems that consume me the most.

This itty-bitty box where my mind keeps idling is so insignificant compared to all the gifts that our Lord has given me.


Father God?

I thank you for the imagery you so graciously poured out to me this morning. You are so faithful to me.

Those last boxes Lord, the ones that represent the least of who I really am, Lord I surrender them to you today. Thank you for reminding me so clearly Who You are in my Life and though I learn from the problems you permit me to experience they do not define me. I can place my trust in you that you will see me through, so that I can be who you’ve created me to be.

Your presence is what I cherish most because first and foremost I am yours.


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