Ever Present

“Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth.” Psalm 46:10

A few years ago I attended a business luncheon at a B&B; I’m not one to want to gather and attend, I’m more of a retreat and decline sort of gal. But there I was at this lavish lunch with pate and brie and I found myself speaking with a Princess.

Not a princess, but a Princess with a capitalized “P”. Her majesty was chatting away about the hardships of running a vineyard with the expectations and deadlines and public grabbing soirees. She was actually up to here with it all, (point to the spot just above your eyebrows).

“I’ve been to the chiropractor, I’ve tried Reike, and Hot Stones, I just don’t know what to do anymore,” she lamented.

“What is Reike and Hot Stones?” I wondered aloud.

“O that’s when the healer places his hands on you and the energy fields combine to restore your well being and the other is with the hot basalt rocks they place on your pressure points. Ugh, I just don’t understand. The other day I was home doing laundry, and all of a sudden I was just so glad. I don’t know what is going on.” She continued.

“That’s because you were actually present in your own life for once. You were connected to a simple act. Caring for your family, and for an actual moment you connected to yourself.” I said.

Her Highness stared at me, as if ticking down the thousands of dollars she had thrown away searching for why her life was a miserable jumble of parties and bashes and press releases. She blinked her splendid sea-green eyes at me searching for my wisdom as if it would present as a horn atop my head that she could snap off and take for her own and said, “You’re right.”

I looked around to see who she was speaking to, and realized it was me. I was right? I spoke to a Princess, and I was right? Hmmhh.

Unfortunately as with most things you don’t always get to take your own advice. But here I am six years later and I am happily left to my own devices. Gone are the impending deadlines, and constant tasks and belaboring inequities. Ahhhh, the joy of unemployment.

I am finally present in my own life. I can stand inside of every single solitary moment. I can   gaze out the window and appreciate the film on the glass. I can breathe in the sordid odor of leftovers. I can appreciate that this moment will trail into the next and the previous one, well, it’s just there; right behind me. I can delight in all the moments that will string together to make this day.

Oh the simple joy of sweeping! Scrubbing the kitchen sink. WooHoo! I can sing about dusting! I’m even tempted to put on a dress and pearls and get out the Lemon Pledge!

But what is really amazing, is reveling inside of every second with the Lord. He is present with us. He is our now. When you are whirling around in long commutes and demanding coworkers who in your normal life you would never entertain for five seconds you are always outside of yourself waiting to get back home. You are checking the clock and sighing and drumming your fingers and looking to the door.

But if you can carve out ten seconds of every minute to breathe deeply and stare at your navel and say “God. I know you are with me” till you can get home, then you will not feel so forsaken in your own life.

I am so very blessed. I am soaking up these moments with the Lord. I will draw on them for all the days to come.

Father God?

Help us to be still. And to know you. To stop fooling around and pick up your Word and dive in. To grab that library book and crack it open and look up the scriptures noted so that in the stillness, we have your words ringing in the silence.


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