My Heart’s Delight

Delight thyself also in the LORD: and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart  Psalm 37:4

Walking the beach is something I do almost everyday. I have a growing list of items I scan the beach for. One of them is beach glass. I am always amazed at how if your mind is set on the search your eyes just scurry across the ground and settle on beach glass. With all the particles of shells, and rocks, and seaweed, I still manage to come home with pockets filled with glass.

Lately it has seemed that I have been almost lead to some of the most exotic pieces I’ve ever found, and on ocean beaches where you hardly find so many!

Today while I was slogging along the waters edge I was thanking God for all the things He has given me. I said to Him, “You always give me my heart’s delight God. Thank you.”

I stopped and looked up to see where my husband had gotten off to. I spied him about 50 yards away looking back at me with a huge smile on his face. He turned and looked at the cove in front of him, and there I saw the most amazing thing.

A large beautiful deer swimming.

Not 48 hours ago, at another park I said to my husband, “Isn’t this the park where we met that man with the enormous dog? And he said the deer swim to the Point from here? Gosh. I’d just love to see that. To see deer swimming.”

Today, God granted me my wish.

It was a spectacular sight. The deer swam a good 100 yards to this spit of land that juts out from the woods at the end of the beach we were on.  His head poking out of the water, he gracefully and quickly got across and leapt out of the water onto the shore. He shook the water from his head and began bounding across the spit of land. In no more than ten seconds he was all the way down to the woods. A walk that clearly would have taken me a good 10 minutes.

I was stunned, and stood with my mouth agape, my hand on my heart and I was just beaming at God’s goodness.

We’ve camped all over the place, many a time I’ve seen deer walk the beach dunes seemingly as amazed at the majestic ocean as we are. But I’ve never seen them swim till today.

Father God,

You are so amazing. That you would hear a tiny little hope of mine and just for my own delight make it come true.

I am so blessed. I know you hold all my hopes and I know you are working on all of them for me.



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