The Real Inconvenient Truth

Q:  “What does God expect of me?”

A:  “Everything.”

Steve Auterburn, CEO of World Vision was asked this question when he was admitingly hemming and hawing about taking on the task of running World Vision-the global ministry dedicated to providing education, housing, medical and spiritual provision to orphaned children in the poorest nations on the planet.

The question resonated with me immediately. Everything  is a tall order. If I had heard that statement when I first became a Christian I wonder how I would have reacted?

I struggled with the term “born again”  and “saved” though quite clearly God had intervened in an area of my life I had no control over and struggled with since I knew what the emotion anger was. God supernaturally gave me the ability to forgive and His healing peace; something that I could never have conjured up on my own. I knew my life would never be the same and as I came to terms with what that meant; we visited relatives that I have rarely seen since, who quite plainly said to me, “what’s wrong with being saved? We’re saved?”

As I grew in the Lord, through my church, and bible study group, my sister’s in Christ and fellowship with God, I try to share with those closest to me what I learn. I find that half the time I am greeted with a testy impatience and mild annoyance, though Jesus clearly commanded us to spread the Word.

I see that many people go to church out of obligation, get that boxed checked and hurry on to what the rest of the day brings. I wonder? What if God only thought about me on Sundays between 10 a.m and 11 a.m.?

I hear people dickering over going to church on a Saturday for a wedding or christening and wondering if that is sufficient- if it counts toward Sunday?

I struggle with a wariness to speak to others about the Lord, fearing their reaction, but all the while knowing that if I don’t act in obedience to the Lord, he has to wait for the next person to be his hands and feet.

I hear the phrase “use me Lord” often enough, and I determined a long while back, though I didn’t know how to articulate it- that I wanted to be a person that God could trust. I wanted to have the resolve to learn about God. To do His will. To be His hands and feet.

While I understand that God called me, not the other way around, and He already knows if I am capable of serving Him and how I am to go about doing so….I also know that I may not be able to do “everything”  without Him.

Father God?

Thank you for saving me. Thank you for calling me. I know you are still speaking to us, and I want to hear you clearly. Pour into me a measure -okay….fill me to the brim with the willingness to do everything you need me to do. Let me hear your call and rise to the task. Build my faith so I can meet your expectations.

In the precious name of your Son Jesus.


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