Happy Mother’s Day!!!

I received a beautiful prayer book just about a year ago. It’s called Scriptural Prayers for the Praying Woman  published by White Stone Books. Every prayer is so appropriately worded and speaks right to the heart of the matter.

There are prayers to start the day, for spiritual growth, for family matters, when in need of various strengths or faced with various problems.  

Here’ is a great prayer called:

Becoming the Mother God Says I Am

Lord, help me to glorify You in my role as mother. Help me to be faithful to teach my children the truth and prinicples of Your Word. I desire to lead a godly life before them, being an example of the Christian walk. Help me to balance mercy and grace with correction and intruction.

Help me to be sensitive to my children’s needs, to be understanding of their feelings, and to be fair and consistent in my discipline. I ask You for Your wisdom and discernment concerning all my decisions relating to my children. When I make a mistake, help me to be quick to ask for forgiveness.

Let me be an example of what to do when things go wrong, as well as when they go right. Help me to keep my cool and not become frustrated and lose my temper. If I do something that is wrong or offensive to my children, let me be quick to repent. Help me to instill within my children peace, consistency, and faithfulness. Help me to walk in love at all times and to be quick to provide encouragement, inspiration, and direction that will strengthen my children spiritually.

Give me patience and prudence to hear all sides of the story and not to jump to conclusions or react too quickly when faced with conflict among my children. Help me to recognize the gifts and talents that You have given them. Help me to cultivate and develop those gifts.

I pray that they will see You in me in every area of my life, Lord.

In Jesus’ name I pray.


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