Today Is A Gift!

I went shopping yesterday and all the stores have bathing suits and beautiful spring tops and FLIP FLOPS on display. And I thought to myself –(actually I said it to a women walking by-who looked at me like I had ten heads), “somebody is pretty sure that winter is gonna end, look all this stuff!”

That lady’s reaction to me was so dismissive I actually went to the nearest mirror to see if I really did have ten heads…..

……I didn’t.

Yeah, so this looong winter is gonna end soon. And spring will come again. And we’ll have that first day of school feeling, when you get some new tops and new FLIP FLOPS! (who even invented that name? flip flop?) and it will seem like a whole new world… with the summer  luxuriously waiting for us, like it was always there and we just didn’t see it.

But, it is always there waiting for us.    

We get sooooo mired in the junky stuff that happened yesterday and the junk we have to go through tomorrow, that we forget that today is a gift. Of all the stuff that goes by me, I don’t wanna miss out on any of the gifts!

“Today is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice.” Psalm 118: 24

Let us.


Lets take a minute to say, ya know what? This day is here, it’s a gift.

Got it.

Okay, Lets CHOOSE to enjoy it.

We can stay ambushed by the stupid stuff that happened in all of our yesterdays from our very beginning, or we spend today worrying about all of our tomorrows……OR CHOOSE to be thankful for today, and

REJOICE in it. Rejoice. Be happy.

On purpose? Wow. We have a choice?

How cool is that?

If someone coulda told me that back in the day, it woulda helped tremendously.

So, LETS, we are embarking, we are deciding, we are taking up, it’s a verb. Lets.

Rejoice. Smile! Laugh! Chatter! Dance! Enjoy!

It’s all good. You know? When you’re an old lady, you should be able to look back and say I was happy! I laughed, I danced, I chattered, I smiled. I look back and say, “I sulked, pouted, cried, held grudges, stalked around like a morose brat….” And rightfully so on more than one occasion …… (but that’s a different story)……

More importantly:

I didn’t know I had a choice. Hahaha! Crazy right?

I didn’t have the Lord to lean on. –Well, He had his eye on me, I just didn’t have anyone to tell me He even existed! (but that’s a different story).

Take this day, and love it. Because God loves you so much, He gave you another one to enjoy.

Dear Father in Heaven,

Thank you so much for the gift that this day brings. Please give me the wisdom to revel in it, the power to concentrate only on your goodness. Let me bring your joy with me where ever I go today.


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