The Landscape of Resolution

I wrote a column last January called the “Landscape of Resolution” (click link), it was meant to edify those in the landscape trade  so that they could improve their business skills. It juxtaposes giving up one activity for another in order to raise your business standards.

One example I used was instead of rushing home to watch Man vs. Food, arriving home a wee bit later in order to inspect new plantings.  Thus maintaining quality control and keeping the customer happy.

For the sake of last year’s article I borrowed my husband’s new year’s resolution: “never stick your thumbs in molten-lava-hot right out of the oven baked clams to test their done-ness”.  It seemed logical, and easy, not something I’d struggle to accomplish or even remember come February.

Upon a year’s review, the main point still rings true: the application of a resolution comes one simple action – sacrifice.

There really is no other way around it.  The act of sacrifice is the way all resolutions come to fruition. You give something up to see another thing through to the end.

What I stopped short of saying in that venue was when Jesus came to earth he was the ultimate sacrifice. Nothing and no one can compare what He did for us.  The only way we can accomplish any resolution requiring sacrifice is to lean on God. He will see us through. He will never leave us nor forsake us.

Without Jesus’ sacrifice we couldn’t even approach God for help with ours. If we are truly resolute God can help us see it to the end.

I haven’t decided what I’ll attempt for this year’s resolution; perhaps something a bit more challenging is in order. Whatever I attempt I know I won’t be going it alone.

Father God,

I am so grateful to you! Please help me to make the changes I need to make within myself, so that I can be closer to you. I thank you that you watch over me, and correct me when I go off course.




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