Good Morning Glory!

This blog was a long time in coming. I had many ideas for it, all of which escape me now! ha! For a long time I couldn’t think of a name, “party of one” came to my mind, I want to honor God with my words, and essentially this is for Him.

I was praying about it, and at the thrift section of the library I saw a book called “Party of One”. It had a black cover and a strange drawing in the center, it was about people who are loners. It sounded creepy and far a field from my goal.  Because I know for sure, we are never alone.

I continued to pray about the title, and outright asked God to help me choose one.

During this time period I lost my Aunt, a beautiful woman, filled with the joy of life. She battled with breast cancer for seven years. Through her death, God showed me many wonderful things. He had prepared me in the time leading up to her death as well, by allowing me the opportunity to strengthen my commitment to Him.

I was obedient to God in that I responded to prompting of the Holy Spirit in my actions and reactions to my family during that time. And in my obediance he showed me how He is always near. No matter what the situation, God never abandons us. He never forsakes us.

But we must be willing to do His will.

As the weeks were unfolding through this tough family time, I shared with my family all that the Lord was doing. This was very uncharacteristic of me. During that time my husband suggested I should write a blog for my thoughts on God, and incorporate what I write for our church newsletter as well.

I said, “Funny you should say that, I’ve been wanting to write about my thoughts on God for a year, but I don’t know what to call it.” I reminded him of the time at the library when I showed him the strange book called “Party of One”. I told him I prayed about it, and even searched the bible for 25 minutes looking for a catchy name.

“I like Morning Star, but a lot of people use that name,” I told my husband.

“How about Morning Glory?” he suggested.

“Hhhmmmmnnn, yes, that’s good. I like that!” I said, opening my computer and Inbox of my email account.

What I saw next was the most astounding thing!

There was my answer! My husband’s suggestion was still hanging in the air, and God confirmed it for me! I said, “Honey, come quick!” and I showed him my Inbox of unopened emails. It was astounding.

More so as it was in combination with the one above it, which is a whole ‘nother post for this blog. But suffice it to say, that I had just communicated with someone who is resistant to the Word, but in obediance I sent an email explaining how when we trust God, we are free to choose our behavior, our thoughts. Sending that email was not an easy thing to do, but I knew it was my one and only opportunity to do it.

God rewarded me! For in my Inbox were two emails:

One entitled “Be a Morning Glory!” and another titled “Free to Choose”. One from a health website, the other from a Christian site called Love Worth Finding. Side by side.

Heavenly Father, as Jesus said, I thank you that you hear my prayers! You are an awesome God, and I am so grateful that even in a dark time, you showed me your light. You are no waster of things. You are always near and ever faithful.

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