“Creation Calls”

Good Morning Glory!

What a gift to receive this email forward!

The video is called “Creation Calls-Are You Listening?” The song is by Brian Doerksen and is a perfect call to believe.

Our universe is so incredibly fabricated; intricately woven together. Punctuated by sunrise and sunsets, by lightning and morning dew.

The video is from “Planet Earth” series, perfectly edited to match the lyrics. Branch Church has produced it.

I could listen to it all day, and probably will! ha!

Thank you Lord, you have given us such a glorious gift, your creation. Help us to appreciate all the gifts you have bestowed upon us, be stewards of the land as it says in your Word.

Help us to remember when we “stand at the ocean’s shore, and hear the ocean’s roar” that it is the power of you, O God. YOUR creation we are admiring. YOUR handiwork, that we would  worship the creator, not the creation itself.

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